Engagement Photography: Matt & Victoria

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Matt & Victoria
October 14, 2017
Denver, Colorado

Because my husband is the oldest sibling in his family, I’ve been able to watch his siblings grow up over the course of our relationship. Matt celebrated his 15th birthday the first time I came to Colorado, and since then I’ve watched him graduate high school and college, work incredibly hard to get a great job, and now, find the love of his life.  It’s been SO fun. One thing I have learned about Matt over the course of this time, and especially when he lived with us for a while after graduating college, is that he’s a total romantic. I knew that when Matt found the right girl, he’d fall hard, he’d fall fast and she would be showered with love and grand gestures. The first time he brought Victoria “home” to meet us was the day he hatched an elaborate plan to officially ask her to be his girlfriend. She was smiling from ear-to-ear and I’m not sure she’s stopped since. The next year would take them on romantic trips celebrating obscure Canadian holidays that share Victoria’s name, meeting and charming each other’s families, and just falling deeper and deeper in love. Victoria is an absolutely lovely person, and easily won over this sister-in-law during our lunch dates and through her absolute adoration of my brother-in-law and my son (pro tip: to make moms love you, love their kiddos well – Victoria did this from day one). I can’t wait for Victoria and Matt’s April wedding and the completion of the Rabon brother’s wives trifecta.

Engagement Photography: Dan & Joanna, Part One

Engagements, Portraits

IMG_2209 - Version 2

Dan & Joanna
August 30, 2015
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

My brother-in-law Dan is an adventurer, whether it be rock climbing, skiing the Alps, hiking 14ers or using Crossfit to stay in shape. I’ve long said that it would take a very special girl to marry Dan, because some people are not meant to be tamed, but instead, need some one to run wild with them. Enter Joanna. A dancer and aerialist by profession, Joanna is always down to try anything.  With their upcoming marriage, Dan is getting a life-long partner in crime and I’m getting a super fun new sister. Basically, it’s a win-win for everyone. When they asked me to do their engagement photos, I thought it would be fun to try something less traditional and that would showcase their passions and unique talents. Be on the lookout for a more traditional shoot a little later, but for now, here are my favorites from our first session.

A huge thanks to Steve and Ashley at BackCountry Crossfit for letting us use their facility and to Coach Jim for staying late to allow us to get this session done. It’s an awesome box with great people- if you’re into Crossfit or want to try it, you should definitely check them out!